• The Fourth Professor Howe Book

    Professor Howe and the Plastic Peril

    by Jamie Hailstone

    Colonel McDonald-McDougall-Jameson the head of ITEMS had a lot on his plate. A meteor shower of plastic bowls, dishes and various dinnerware, the appearance of a giant flying saucer, and the return of his old friend PROFESSOR HOWE.

    Needless to say, trouble always followed where the Professor set foot and this was no exception. With Miss Trustfund by his side, the peculiar goings on at the Winkles Plastic Factory had to be investigated.


    Why had the factory changed production to plastic cutlery? Was the Colonel's Health and Safety Protocol really necessary? And does anyone really like listening to Demis Roussos?



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    Professor Howe and the Plastic Peril
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    The fourth Professor Howe book, a parody of "Spearhead from Space."
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